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Orthopedic Rehabilitation Program / Hand Therapy

Rehabilitation is the process of rebuilding strength in an injured limb both before and after a reparative procedure or program. It is among one of the most important steps in the recovery process and complete treatment plan.

With the proper rehabilitation, the risk of swelling and corresponding stiffness is dramatically reduced. Recovery time can be cut in half and both daily and extracurricular activities can be resumed promptly - with little risk of complication.

Dr. Collins works with a team of physical therapists to develop a rehabilitation program specific to a patient and suited to lifestyle, physical ability and severity of the injury. Patients learn not only how to rebuild strength in the injured limb but corresponding muscle groups as well in order to reduce the risk of a recurrence or future injury. Careful monitoring makes the rehabilitation phase a seamless part of the overall treatment plan for trauma wounds, sports injuries and repetitive stress conditions alike.