Sports Medicine – Hand/Upper Extremities

In Sports Medicine, the best course of treatment for an injury is determined using a multidisciplinary approach and consideration of each athlete and their return to sport. For both the traditional athlete and the non traditional athlete, musicians and performing artists, treatment must ensure a successful return to the same rigorous activity resulting in the initial injury or repetitive stress condition. Therefore, what might work well in the non-athlete may not sustain the recovering athlete. Taking a multidisciplinary approach and establishing specialized protocols for both prevention and treatment of the athlete involves close collaboration with rehabilitation and physical therapy professionals and physicians within different disciplines.

An innate understanding of how the muscles, tendons and joints depend on one another and require their own type of balanced conditioning for optimal function is key in Sports Medicine. Helping athletes understand how to prepare limbs most exerted in their sport in order to avoid serious injury, and selecting the best treatment to repair and re-strengthen limbs when an injury does occur is the essence of Sports Medicine.

Common sports injuries in the upper extremities: